Our very active branch youth officer Déirdre, gathered a group of very enthusiastic young people to be the basis of a Youth Group in the branch , overseen by our Secretary and Damian our box and drum tutor. The members of the first ever CCÉ Port Mearnóg youth group are Lauren McCullough, Darrach Mac Geimheannaigh and Jacob Dyke.

The group was tasked with a few duties before Déirdre left us for a couple of months of touring.
1. To create a crest for the branch,
2. Price and organise a hoodie,
3. To encourage a family session every month.

They organised a competition to create a branch crest for us and the competition was won by Sean O’Hare. Another member of our branch , Helen O’Neill , was then asked to take the ideas submitted and create our branch crest.

The youth group held a vote amongst those in the Grúpa and Band as to which type of hoodie would be best suited and then approached a parent in the branch ,Tina, to source same. On behalf of the branch we would like to thank the Youth Group for all their hard work and Helen O’Neill for her time and effort in designing our crest, and to Tina MC Cullough for sourcing and organising branch hoodies.

We would also like to thank Don Murphy for being MC at the family session. So far in 2018 the branch has held a family session for the month of January and they have others organised for the months of February, March, April and May.